New Item Shop release!

Buck tooth face

Hate the dentist? Enjoy spitting water between your teeth?


Be the envy of the entire town as you show your special teeth to the world! This look will have you smiling all the time and people smiling back at you. Be careful of fly's, they might just want to stick to your teeth!

Breezy cut

Spring has sprung, and with it, so have new hairstyles! This messy new cut comes with a message: "I don't do my hair, but I am still fashionable." The Breezy cut was styled for the modern Nexian, so enjoy!

Pom garb

This distinct new garb was fashioned after Ilbonese culture. Several men wear this garb to show their status as an important figurehead in society. Now you can too! Stitched with imported cloths and other lightweight materials, this garb will feel and look comfortable.

Breezy locks

Go ahead, let your hair down! Breezy locks will flow in the wind and melt hearts! Although this is just a wig, one would dare to say it looks better than real hair! Try it for yourself.

Pom skirt

Our clothing lines keep getting better and better! Have a relaxing night out on the town, or a seaside walk in our Pom skirt, newly imported from Ilbon! Gorgeous material that will have your friends in envy!

Shinobi tunic

It's here! The Shinobi tunic is a one of a kind leather based armor with matching cuffs. This tunic is great for long walks in the dragon pits, blood-stained tea parties and other important social