Valentines Item Shop Release:

Angel set (guy)

Have your garb, halo and wings too! We have put together these special sets for those whom wish to feel like an angel, and don't you? Each set includes an Angel garb, Angel hair and wings in matching colors. It is a bargain, and romance is in the air, so indulge!

Angel set (girl)

We have put together a special ensemble set for the ladies! Treat yourself to heavenly silk, hair woven from the heavens with wings to match! Each set includes an Angel dress, Angel locks and wings in matching colors. Don't tell the Merchants, but this is the best bargain set you'll find!

Angel garb (guy)

Romance is in the air! It's the season of love, some say, and we suppose word has traveled. Woven from heavenly silk, these garbs are a tight yet comfortable fit. It is rumored that the Gods themselves instructed weavers to prepare this special new addition. Will you give into the temptation?

Angel dress (girl)

Look at you, all wrapped up in silk from the heavens. You are a divine entity, let it be known. No matter where you plan on going, this gorgeous dress will flow like the Gods intended it to. Give yourself a present for the romantic season. Who knows, perhaps you will find yourself that special someone!

Angel locks (girl)

A halo is just what a gal needs. You have been good this season, right? Even if you haven't, fashion does not intend to give away the dirty details! This woven hair complete with halo was designed for romance in mind.

Angel hair (guy)

Consider yourself a heavenly figure? Express it! Not only will your halo, which was smelted from bars of gold, glimmer in the sun, but there are no strings attached... literally! These halos will float above your head irregardless of your karma.

Pink heart necklace

It's all about accessories, isn't it? Handcrafted and ready to deliver from the Han Dynasty, we are pleased to announce the release of the Pink heart necklace! This will make a perfect gift for your loved one or even a friend! Its radiant and perfectly assembled jewels will shine for any occasion!

For those of you who enjoy a little something crazy the release of the Tako hats!

Tako hat

We have recent news about the Tako attack in the Woodlands. A young peasant took a wrong turn and found himself in the cave. With his mighty Novice sword, he swung with vigor, but to his surprise, a Tako lunged onto him and attached itself to his head!

The peasant, frantic, ran into Buya screaming. The Imperial Fashion Consultant, Kamishia, saw the young man twitching about and screamed, "IT'S FASHION!" Therefore, we introduce this bold new style!