Santa M'hul continues!

Citizens of Nexus,

For those of you whom have not had the chance to attend our yearly "Santa M'hul" celebration, it will convene again this week. I, King MuHyul, as well as Princess Lasahn and Prince Kija, cordially invite those less fortunate to attend the first celebration, to join us in the continuing festivities.

"Santa M'hul" celebrations will be returning on the following dates:

Wednesday, 12/19/07 at 10:00PM PST (1:00PM EST)
Saturday, 12/22/07 at 2:00PM PST (5:00PM EST)
Sunday, 12/23/07 at 2:00AM PST (5:00AM EST)

Gifts will be handed out once again, but only for a short while. A reminder to those who have already received gifts that they will not be able to receive a second one ((Limit one per character)). Those who attempt to receive a second gift will be sent to the inns. Please be courteous to those whom have not received a gift by granting them the opportunity to seize one. Once again, Happy Holidays to all and we look forward to continuing the season of gift giving!


King of Koguryo

((If you have already received a gift you will not be able to get another one. One per character.))