Server reset, Friday, November 16, 2007

Server reset, Friday, November 16, 2007
The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

The Wisdom Star has gotten even closer and looks to get stronger as the days pass by.

Clan, Army & Ministry additions and fixes:
* Tiger clan receives 3 new merchants; Keiken (Experience seller, Mass exchange and buy Bear's liver), Heph (Smelting, Smithing, Smith armor and buys Slag), Jill (Scribe sells White paper and Ink), and 2 gemming rituals.
* K'urimja clan receives a new board "Dragon's Head Pub"
* BIA receives changes to their merchants: Alexisa (Buys Fried egg), DooSan (Sells Scale mail and Spring scale mail), WildZ (Sells Moon powder, Spark powder and Holy dust), TinaDragon (Buys Well crafted amber) and Terinthanas (Buys Fine steel dagger and Steel sabers)
* Nagnang Army receives new board "Unit Reports" and new merchant Jiao-Long (Remove Nuisance, Buys; Boiled fish, Crafted amber, Crafted dk amber, Fine steel dagger, Grilled beef, Roast chicken, Slag, Tarnished amber and Sells: Limestone, Mining pick, Mining shovel, Obsidian, Sonhi pipe and Tiger's heart.
* Alizarin clan receives new council board "The Source"

* Minor updates for new Carnage area
* Minor update for Thanksgiving day event
* Major update for new item shop items.