The Blue Moon Rises!

The Blue Moon Rises!

Through collaborated effort, King MuHyul, Princess Lasahn and Prince Kija were able to decipher an anonymous scroll discovered in Pond's library. They reported their findings to the members of the Buya, Koguryo, Nagnang and the Wilderness. They accredit King MuHyul to his discovery that the Ancient Grounds depicted in the scrolls were once used as a training area by forgotten Generals of ancient Kings, outdating King Yuri's rule over Koguryo. Princess Lasahn announces that even though the wilderness remains in chaste condition she will still care for it due to it still being an extension of the Empire of Buya.

As written in the scroll, it is by the hands of Royal blood during a blue moon that the ancient grounds will unlock.

"A soldier is judged not by his strengths
but by his weaknesses...
In order for him to expose his flaws,
he must undergo the "right of passage".
Under the blue moon, he shall be trialed.
He will face his fears and venture
into the Ancient Grounds.
Denial in his flaws he will fail.
Conquer his weaknesses, he shall prevail.
This is the path of a soldier."

-Unknown General

Now that the passage is unlocked what is its meaning? What secrets shall be unraveled?