Server reset, Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The hidden village of Tangun has been closed for some time now. Today while walking along the roads of Kugnae, I saw that the stones have been cleared away and the mist has risen once again. As I asked Ox about Tangun and he invited me to visit the lovely towns folk again. When I entered I noticed that the town has flourished and many new faces can be seen wondering the roads. There are more homes, a newly built Theatre, an elegant Chapel, and even an enchanted circle. So many more things to do! It seems all the new buildings have teachers in them. What an amazing town! This is defiantly great place for youngsters to mature!

Near a dark cave, I heard loud voices as young ones were gearing up to enter. I thought I would give them a few tips on hunting and casting spells so I walked over to them. They were eager to learn! I couldn't enter the cave myself but I felt glad to assist them in any way I could. I journeyed on to the beautiful waterfall I remember so well, passing many more caves on my way.

I urge you to take a trip to Tangun. You're in for a surprise when you visit! It's a whole new Nexus adventure!