Tremors? Could it be Lost Mines?!

Tremors have been felt within the vicinity of the Northern Pass as of late. The notion that these tremors were mundane was disregarded by two brothers by the names of Jinn and Jong, both claiming to have discovered the secret behind the tremors deep within the earth. There is a problem, however. Each brother tells a different tale, and claims that the other brother is a liar and not to be trusted.

Jinn was found wounded outside a peculiarly familiar area in the Northern Pass. He claims that Jong attacked him while they had ventured deep into the Lost Mines, searching for the cause of the tremors. He asks for help, but something about his story does not seem quite right. Perhaps his brother, Jong, located just inside the Mines has a reason for keeping his brother out. Which brother is truthful? Which story is valid? What do the Lost Mines have in connection with these strange tremors?

Perhaps the city folk know a thing or two as well...