Bluestone and HanXin battle! Who will win!


The Han army has flanked Bluestone's ship on the Koguryo shoreline and succeeded in discovering the whereabouts of the Blacksails' Captain. Han intelligence reported the sighting of the Blacksails two days ago and, upon return of the ship, executed strategic tactics to locate the pirate infested island where the Captain remains hidden.

As promised, the Empire of Han has relayed this information on first attainment to its sister of State, the Empire of Buya and Her allies, the Kingdom of Koguryo and the Nagnang nation.

The Empire of Han is aware of the wars won over countless foes within the tri-kingdoms, so it is assumed that there is an understanding of what needs to be done in order to acclaim victory. We show no mercy because we have none.

Only the strong will learn the next tactic of pending execution, which will be personally instructed on the island - if you make it that far, that is.

For the Fallen! For the Avenged!
Long live Emperor Senshi!

= General HanXin