Death to the workers?

"Help me!" I heard the scream coming from Dae shore. I frantically looked around until I noticed the cries were louder as I ran into the Museum. I hurried through the rooms until I entered the Shattering room where I was stricken with fright! What happened? Why are all these people locked up?! What can I do? My heart dropped as I noticed a few had been killed. How could the Pirates of done this to them! What is so important that they feel the need to kill innocent workers? I remembered the post I read earlier on the Chronicles of the Winds board, at first I thought it was a scare tactic but obviously I was wrong. Here is the quote taken from the board:

“Destiny, K'urimja and Heaven's dug their workers graves, an' now
they'll be tossed overboard slowly til' none o' 'em are left.
Ya had their lives in yer hands, and yer guided our blades
into 'em ya did. Har har! Yer just like us pirates, all me
mates an' I want are yer Swords. If ya don't hand 'em over,
ya won't ever be seein' yer "friends" again."

What can we do to stop this madness! Why do the Primogens refuse to give up their swords? Are their workers lives that meaningless to them?