Capture of Workers:

Ahoy festerin' land rats,

Ye' had better learn ta keep yer doors locked, or else
a filthy pirate the likes of which ye ne'er seen'll come
by when ye leas' expect it. Af'er I was treated so terribly
by yer dear royals, 'specially that precious li'l wench
Lasahn, I thought we'd repay ya durin' the night!

Hope ye' haven't any need for repairs anytime soon, eh?
It was surprisin'ly easy te get all 'em outta yer halls,
even without one of me eyes. I admit, Lasahn, ye got me
good. Ye didn't kill me, though. Left a big ol' bloody
hole in me face ye' did, almost as dark as me' soul! Wonder
how well ye'll carve up, though...make ye' scream a lil, like
he did.

Couln't avenge poor Xiou's death like ye' had planned eh?
Pity, ye' pretty li'l pig. An don' ferget that ye' took me
sword too, this migh'nt 'ave happen'd if ye' had left that

We took 'em, that we did...but ye' should rest the blame
on yer Princes and Princess, I might not a gone to these
lengths, and ye' might not have so many lives on the line.
Doubt ye' ev'n care that they be gone. The biggest ruckus'll
be that ye' lost yer convenient slaves, eh? Har har!

Don' worry, yer workers are safe n'sound fer now. We ain't
be done yet, just trust ol' BlueStone. Not nearly enough of ye
dead fer my likin'. 'll let the waters run red bef're I take
me' leave, but just ye' wait.

-Captain BlueStone
-Sailor of Ilbon