Woodlands Revamped!

Although the Mongols were defeated their attack served its purpose. General Blight of Nagnang has been busy investigating the Woodlands in the aftermath of the Mongol invasion. He gathered up as many vile vials as he could after the invasion and was seen pouring them into the water of the lands. Discarded vials that once contained this potent poison lie scattered across the rugged terrain. The waters of the still land have been poisoned! Even worse, the monsters that inhabit the Woodlands have grown much stronger. General Blight wonders if anyone would dare to brave the stronger creatures.

General Blight speaks out:

Nagnang is my beloved! I will never stand here and listen to such arrogance. How dare you question my loyalty. My obedience is to her, only her and she commands me firm with an iron fist. You people have grown soft, unattached to her scarred body of settlement and the mediocrity of peace and a combined truce. No peace will be in this land while the idiots fight over her body to make root, no peace as they drink from her streams and fill their bellies on her bountiful fruits and vegetables.

The Mongols thought they could come to my Nagnang and taint her. HA! They fell to their own blades, dance of death. How dare they try to rob her beauty! I understood all to well. The Mongols accomplishment was only a further rooting of one already in place. Quickly they came to burrow themselves in my Nagnang and the idiots that sit aimlessly around as the politics of the kingdom battle with themselves are but an illness, slowly eating away at her...

But no longer will they eat and no longer will they drink for the Woodlands is nobodies land anymore. It belongs to her once more! I doubted her wise whispers in my ears to stir the poisons on to her skin but then clarity within my troubled mind. For it awoke the ancients that lay dormant as there lesser guardians protected the lands. They had guarded well and they will be rewarded by her affections, but now the ancestral line has awoken and all shall fear Nagnangs true champions.

She will protect herself against you all, the parasites eating her from within and you will learn fear, and you will learn to speak her name only in the cold whispers that grant you as you cross over into the nether world.

Enjoy your settlements, enjoy her while you can... she is no longer yours. She is mine and mine alone.

General Blight
"Father of Nagnang"

((The woodlands area has been upgraded with stronger monsters that give much more experience. In addition there are many new items to be found, including some very rare items. This is a permanent addition to NexusTK. We expect to have many more to come!))