Big news from KRU!

KRU Interactive will soon be opening the new NexusTK Item Shop! On Monday, November 6th, the NexusTK Item Shop will be open for use by registered players of NexusTK. The NexusTK Item Shop will start with a small collection of wacky accessories, but will quickly expand to offer a host of unique decorative items. Customize your character like never before! The NexusTK Item Shop will add a whole new dimension of fun!

Items from the Item Shop are obtained by exchanging Kruna (the new Kru currency) that you can earn or buy. You can earn or buy Kruna in several ways. Special Kruna coupons will be available from the Coupon Shop. Autorenewal accounts will receive a small allotment of Kruna each month. Big amounts of Kruna will be given out regularly as prizes for in-game events! In addition, all NexusTK Accounts that are registered on November 6th will receive a modest amount of Kruna, so make certain you are registered by November 6th!

To mark the occasion of this momentous day, November 6th will have a special event running in-game. The return of the Wisdom Star:

"King MuHyul's astrology and alchemy advisor has heralded the return of the Wisdom Star. In one moon's time, the three celestial minors will be in alignment and the Wisdom Star will wake from its slumber, bathing us all in its pure light. The light of the Wisdom Star will sharpen your wits and make your senses keener, allowing you to learn more. Our greatest achivements have come during the days of the Wisdom Star. Let us all rejoice at its return!"