Spooky Surprise!

Itís a cold windy night tonight as I walk through the cemetery. I hold fresh flowers in my hand, the ones my wife picked out for Grandmother. Our Grandmother passed away this past summer. Oh may her soul rest in peace. What is this? I wonder why the cemetery is so poorly kept. The grounds seem to be all dug up with holes everywhere. There doesnít seem to be anyone to watch over this area anymore. I am very glad my wife and children didnít come with me this night. I would never hear the end of it. I believe I scared off someone. All I could hear was howling of the wind when I showed up but this fresh dirt proves someone was here.

Wait what was that? I quickly rolled up my sleeves and yelled into the dim "Youíve got some gall vandalizing the cemetery, you heathen!" Doesnít seem like they took my yelling very well because now they are coming back this way and at a very fast pace. What is that? Thatís no man or boy... it's... it's a ghost!! I thought how odd, almost demented looking and the smells arenít very pleasant. I began to fiercely swing my fist in the air and hit one of their jaws. "Gross!" His jaw fell straight into my hand and gave me a bit of an alarm! I moved out of the way of his hammer and gave one last blow to his ghostly figure. The haunted figure dropped something on the ground and I quickly picked it up. I noticed the others were headed towards the Kingdom gates. I warn each of you to lock your windows and doors and watch out for these haunted things. Only time will tell what horrors they might bring to our lands. I head for home to get my sword to help fight for my lands.

(BEWARE... This event will begin on Friday, October 13th)