Black Plague?

While walking through the streets of Buya I noticed a scroll on the ground. As I picked it up a page fell out. I began to read the words and my thoughts grew cautious.

[From the pages of a survivor of the Black Plague, Hyul 2]

Death comes but once to a man wanting to die, but those who wish to make their way as heroes live on forever within the memory of others.

Such is often the case of all mankind, wanting to make their mark, their memory imbedded on to others, making them immortal in the only manner that they can. Some use this for good... others evil. But what mark was it that befell the community? What was the creeping blackness of death that claimed so many lives? The wandering reaper of the underworld had placed his icy hand on so many shoulders that day, but the question remains the same. Who caused the Black Death?

Perhaps we have been naive to think we were safe in our solitude, relaxed within the warm embrace of safety once more, only to be taken by surprise of an over-hanging evil. But was it death intended? Or the simple repercussion of something else?

As I look back on the Mongol invasion, where my son perished to the hands of invaders, I do recall the venom that they held in abundance.

I also recall, for I feel that only the safety of my diary may know these secrets. General Blight, tipping his 'Vile' of venom on to the woodlands. I felt it such a play of words back at that time, vile instead of vial.. it was the way he said it that struck fear into my heart... never have I had the courage to confront him... What man could?

Perhaps, when Blight inflicted the land with the venom we took some of its taint back with us. Dangerous thing is venom, it has its own agenda, foreign to that of its user and if it seeks to kill it shall. If it seeks to shall... But what was it waiting for...

-dark red blood covers the rest as if coughed onto the page.