Blight, what are you doing?

Yesterday while hunting in the woodlands, I noticed a movement behind a tree. I slowly approached the tree and suddenly saw a flash of purple. Underneath the lowest limb, was General Blight! I was shocked! Thank goodness he didn't notice me.

What was he doing out here alone and hiding? I looked at him closely and noticed he had a weapon tied at his waist. This sword was something I had never seen before and nothing one of our smiths had ever crafted. Roughly crafted but with graceful beauty, my mouth watered for a closer look. He also had other unusual items displayed proudly on his armor. The sun hit the metal on the sword and I was drawn back to its beauty. Blight started to sneak into the shadows. Should I follow him? Would he lead me to similar treasures? Was I willing to risk my life or my family for a pretty blade? Not today, I thought to myself and saw Blight's shadow disappear. Well I guess it is back to rabbit hunting for me.