Server reset, July 14, 2006

The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

When using exchange you will be able to see commaís where you put in the gold.

Clan & Army additions and fixes:
Pegasus receives a new hall update
Enigma receives new merchant Caballo (summon horse)
Buya Ministry receives a new room update
Primogens get new board for Clan administration

Subpath additions and fixes:
Small fix for Chongun
SP planning room gets a new board

Other updates:
Update for Fox hunts

Map updates:
Garden of Muse
Chongun guide
Ranger circle
Ranger guide
Angelís Hideaway
Renegadeís Retreat
Buya Army
Shaman circle
Shaman guide
Valley of Mudang
Tai Chi
Tao te Ching
Spiritual Garden
Do training area
Ocean Hall
Oceana Eden
Southern Valley
Stone bridge
Forest crossroads
Ice Palace
Koguryo Valley
Southern Koguryo
Islet Valley
Great Gate
White Pine valley
Barbarian cave