Server reset Thursday, July 6, 2006

The Nexus servers were reset with the following changes:

All Hail King MuHyul! Anniversary swords are now available at the kingdom greeters Honi, Yoni and Nangen Ambassador.

Long ago, King Yuri opened a garden for all to visit and pick flowers. The garden had been locked away until now, King Yuri requested to be laid to reset here in his favorite garden. Now everyone may visit the old garden and Yuri’s grave.

Haengsa told us he has a new challenge for you so find him and try his new quest!

When you ask Ox what time it is there will no longer be a pop up the time will now display in your status box.

Clan additions and fixes:
Buya Imperial Army receives a new and improved army hall, new merchant Chronno (dye), new merchant NightRaven (karma) and changes to merchant DooSan.
Pegasus’ merchant Chops now prepares noodles.

Subpath additions and fixes:
Rangers receive map improvements to Trapper’s Paradise.
Chongun receives a new merchant.
Druids receive a small update.

Other updates:
Work was done for Fox hunts.