Explore the far reaches of a kingdom born of Asian mythology, where thousands like you are experiencing their own awesome adventures. In Nexus TK, hatred and mysteries run deep, where both war and romance are in the air. The changing storyline will keep you playing for what comes next!

Become part of the astounding depth and enchantment of the world's first -- and best -- massively multiplayer online game experiences.


The Nexus: TK game (50.5 MB) is FREE to download! To start your adventure,

just click the button below:

To install Nexus TK, download the installation using the below link. You can save this file anywhere on your computer. When the download is complete, start the installation by double-clicking on it. Follow the installation directions.

Once you have downloaded the game and installed it, you will then be ready for your ten days or up to ten hours of free play time in Nexus: TK.

For more information about Nexus: TK, the game's community and how to set up an account, visit the official Nexus: TK website here: http://www.nexustk.com.

Is your PC ready to run Nexus: TK


Operating System

Win95/98/2000/ME/XP Win95/98/2000/ME/XP
Pentium MMX 200Mhz or higher Pentium Celeron 433Mhz or higher
8MB video memory 16MB video memory
200MB space needed 300MB space needed
DirectX 7.0a DirectX 8.0a
Internet connection
28K Modem 56K Modem