New games!


During the recent pirate invasion players discovered a group of craftsmen that were captured in order to make the new pirate ship, players helped them get equipment and supplies together so they could escape. They also promised that once they got back to their own homes they would send information back on new advances in their skills. We hope that they did finally manage to escape from the pirates, and were able to make their way home. We look forward to hearing from them soon.


However, on the pirate boat there was also a second group of people who were not discovered by citizens, and were also able to escape during the chaos of the pirate invasion. They are a group of rabbit trainers who do not wish to go home due to a shortage of rabbits where they come from, and instead have decided to apply their skills in our own lands. You can visit their establishments in the towns in each kingdom, and see the new games and entertainment they have brought with them.


Happy Easter everybody!